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Ngorongoro Safari in Tanzania 3 days

Visit Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania , seewildebeest, lions, elephants e.t.c


tanzania tripsNgorongoro , Tarangire & Manyara 4 days

Safari trip to Tanzania, Ngorongoro, Tarangire and Lake Manyara Wildlife


serengeti elephantsNgorongoro, Serengeti & Manyara 4 days

See lions, zebra, wildebeest, tree climbing lions, gazelles, hippos, birds and more.


serengeti zebra safariSerengeti & Ngorongoro Wildlife Safari 5 days

Typical wildlife safari holiday in Tanzania where yo get to see lots of animals.


African safari tanzaniaWild Game Viewing & Sightseeing 6 days

Best of safari parks in Tanzania, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara


rhino African tourNature Sightseeing & Wildlife Holiday 6 days

Best private safari featuring the top wild attractions & archeologial sites.


tanzania toursBest of Tanzania Tour 8 days

See all that the Tanzania mainland has to offer, both budget & luxury options..


african sunTanzania & Kenya safari holiday 12 days

Best of East Africa, Masai Mara, Serengeti, Nakuru, Ngorongoro, more…


Tanzania is renowned as one of the best game-viewing destinations in Africa, and for that reason one of the finest countries in Africa in which you can enjoy a wildlife-Safari. Other than the internationally renowned wildlife sanctuaries like the Serengeti plus the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania holds the less-toured beautiful southern and western game reserves that include the Selous, Katavi, Ruaha and Mahale.

Normally when one talks if safari what crosses many people’s minds is marveling at the beautiful terrain and wildlife, However safaris can turn out to be fashionable as all the parks have luxurious elegant accommodation facilities offer the ultimate comfort you can ever need.

All through, Tanzania travelers are spoilt to an array of various options located in spectacular backgrounds of cultural medley in which more than 98 ethnic groups cordially live happily together. although majority of the visitors go right away for the well-known Northern Wildlife Circuit, after which they opt to spend time unwinding on the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar, Tanzania has quite a lot to offer its visitors willing to spend some time in this spectacular country. Trail the southern coastline into the Swahili Culture whose local rhythms have for centuries remained unchanged. Traverse the country’s verdant rolling terrain along the well-maintained Tanzam highway, and tour the Ruaha National Park. Marvel at the very old rock-paintings close by Kolo village. Travel around the Lake Victoria shores and explore the tiny fishing villages as well as the peaceful islands. Adventure the rarely toured Katavi wilderness crowded with hippopotami and buffaloes.
If you are interested in a very smooth and comfy wildlife safari, them opt for the northern circuit and later explore Zanzibar Island which have well-maintained roads, luxury hotels and great restaurants.
Zanzibar is yet another famous destination, prominent for its gorgeous beaches plus the great history of Spice-Trading. Situated on the vast Indian Ocean, the Zanzibar additionally prides in Mnemba another paradise of comfort. Stone Town which is the capital of the island of Zanzibar provides splendid historic sightseeing opportunities.

However it is important to note that Tanzania can best be toured in two ways by either taking on the Northern Safari Circuit or the Southern Safari Circuit as highlighted below.

The Northern Safari Circuit

Northern Tanzania is more toured as compared to the Southern part. You can always get away from the crowded cities of the country by journeying to the extreme North of the vast Serengeti where you will definitely find quite a number of safari vehicles.

Traversing the Northern circuit normally include exploring the Spectacular Serengeti, Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, the Ngorongoro crater (considered as the eight natural wonder of the World) which is the only existing unbroken caldera in the world and the stunning rift Valley escarpment.

Actually a northern circuit is the most affordable way of exploring these northern parks with provisions of special private safaris in comfortable open side vehicles. However you can also opt for a flying safari across the North enabling you to even access the more isolated areas.

The Serengeti hosts the Annual wildebeest Migration which by far is the most amazing natural wonder you can enjoy in these vast plains. The migration includes millions of animals moving in large herds as they search for water and fresh pasture through the year. In addition the park holds a variety of large predators that normally follow this large heard. The Serengeti offers camping facilities as well as Hot-Air –Safari which can best be enjoyed during the dry months.
The Serengeti National Park is what most people imagine a trip to Africa should look like. The Serengeti is grassland that is home to an abundance of wildlife. It is here that wildebeest and zebras start their annual migration. Whilst day trips are popular, spending time overnight in the park is unforgettable. Another popular activity is a hot air balloon ride over the plains.
On the other hand, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area yet another splendid destination with sights of the uncommon black rhino, the Big Five plus a varied of bird species all living on the floor of the stunning crater.

The Southern Safari Circuit
The Southern safari Circuit is majorly comprised of tours to the Selous Game Reserve and to Ruaha National Park. This circuit is less traveled as compared to the Northern Circuit and permits short or lengthy walking safaris, boat safaris and game drives in open sided vehicles.

These parks possess small –normally tented accommodation facilities that are more people as compared to the large hotels in the north. Accommodation in the south is much affordable

The Selous Game Reserve is just a 45 minute flight coming from Dar Es Salaam city or Zanzibar.

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