Arusha Safari


Arusha is a very lively city with over 1 million people living in it. To many, Arusha is also referred to as a safari capital Tanzania. Several safaris to the northern attractive part of Tanzania are arranged in this town and many begin from here.  Its location within the northeastern end of Tanzania has made Arusha serve as a link to several important parts of interest in the whole of Eastern Africa, among which are Mount Kilimanjaro plus the plains of Serengeti. Although those tourist attractions a quite a long distance from Arusha, the town itself has a lot to offer to its guest.

Below is a highlight of some of the best places you can enjoy while in Arusha town

Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park is located adjacent to Arusha within northern Tanzania. It is lies against the remarkable Mountain Meru which occupies the largest part of this park. As part of a safari to this park you can include a hike on Mount Meru which can be climbed in just two to three days. This steep climb is quite rewarding with breathtaking views of the park’s landscape and sweeps beyond to the verdant African bushes of the surrounding terrain with a backdrop of the snow-capped mountain Kilimanjaro. Half of the crater on mountain Meru was blown-away several years ago resulting into an extraordinary vast ash cone. What remained of this crater is today approximately 1,500 m of vertical cliff surface, which actually offers a rather strange and yet very dramatic summit worth trekking.

The highlight in Arusha National Park is the drive up past the chilly rainforest, all the way to the apex of the Ngurdoto Crater which is a caldera of a once active but now extinct volcano. You will come to a stop several times to marvel at the beautiful white & black colobus monkeys as they swing between the branches of the very old cedar trees. In addition, the park has spotted hyenas, zebras, buffalo and giraffes as some of the resident wild animals together with a prolific birdlife which makes it an ideal bird-watching paradise.

The Maasai Museum

The Maasai Cultural Village and Museum also a cultural center that not only displays cultural plus historical items belonging to the Maasai people, but also offers an opportunity to see imitations of the true huts as well as other buildings that are built by Maasai people. Among the cultural events there are traditional dances, exhibitions of herbal medicine and live performances by the locals that help visitors better understand the intriguing Maasai culture.

The Natural History Museum

birding in Arusha National ParkThe Natural History Museum present numerous attractions, with the most astonishing probably being devoted to the Tanganyika colonization by the Germans together with the English colonialists, and also involves interviews that were conducted with the local residents on how they felt about colonization. There is also a collection that covers the local plant and animal life. This museum is a very perfect place to broaden your knowledge about the ancient history of humankind because it possesses yet another collection that comprises of long ago tools as well as human remains.

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda is a building where war criminals in Rwanda are tried. Even though the genocide in Rwanda happened back in the 1990s, up to today trials are still being conducted. The trials can be attended by any one from the public and presents an absorbing glimpse of the disaster that befell this African country- Africa. During times when there are no trials being conducted, visitors are allowed to access the building and get the opportunity to learn more about this sad yet historic  trials occurrence of the genocide that say more than 800000 killed.

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