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Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro is 19,336 feet high and this makes it the highest peak in Africa and the world’s tallest mountain that can allow for walking trips. Imagine an experience of 5 dramatic climatic zones before you reach the summit of mt Kilimanjaro Africa.
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We welcome you to this comprehensive Mount kilimanjaro tour guide where you will find information on trekking, routes, prices, national park information and safaris to Kilimanjaro.

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The grand Mountain Kilimanjaro is a great image of Africa’s inspiring trekking experience. From the far-reaching scenery of plains and verdant forests that can be seen from its base, to the uplifting experience of marveling at the sunrise while on its summit which is 5,892 m above sea-level, a safari trekking Mount Kilimanjaro offers adventurous spirits an opportunity to view the world’s immensity and grandeur. The mountain certainly is one among the greatest physical challenging hiking destinations where you can always test yourself. So as to enjoy the entire grandeur of the terrain, it necessitates that you first make out of the landscape, so as to understand how it differs, and best prepare accordingly. Before setting off, ensure that you have familiarized with the basic tips and that way you will be assured of getting the most from this adventure.

Which route?

Think of which route is ideal for you. Forthcoming from the south, is the well-liked Marangu Route which is better conquered and can be challenged more easily than the others. Its fame additionally means that it is more convenient and busy path, though; it is much liked by some climbers and not others. A striking substitute to that is the Lemosho-Route, which ascends further than some others but consequently allows for a more natural acclimatization. in addition, following the slower Lemosho-Route doesn’t only permit you to set your hiking speed, but also offers a number of the most striking natural beautiful sceneries up the mountain. The route will journey you through forests rich with a variety of wildlife and you will certainly enjoy the eye-catching vistas presented by the Shira-Plateau prior to ascending to the mountain summit.

When to go?

Kilimanjaro basically has its own unique micro-climate, its vastness and thick forests signify that heavy rains are regular. The long rains begin in run March although to June while the short-rains start in November up to the beginning of December. The weather changes depending on the day as well as the altitude and the time of year. However, there are a number of drier months that is January plus February and these are the most conducive. From July up to September it is also warm and dry through these months of the year. None the less, don’t forget to pack your waterproofs and a hat as well as sunscreen lotion in addition to durable hiking boots so as to well safe-guard yourself and enjoy this adventure with any worry

Take your time

Persons who have successfully conquered the Kilimanjaro or had a pleasurable Kilimanjaro-trekking experience are normally those that set their own hiking pace by well preparing themselves. Some small altitude-sickness at the higher altitudes are inevitable but can to some extent be minimized through hiking slowly to allow yourself to better acclimatize. Drink a lot of water and endeavor to walk to a level higher than where you plan to sleep. Altitude sickness is something worth taking seriously so that it doesn’t in anyway spoil your adventure on Kilimanjaro. For that reason, familiarize yourself with the commonest symptoms, like headaches, and ensure that you pay attention to the advice given toy by your safari-guide.

Train yourself up

Training yourself involves both physical as well as mental training. You can train yourself physically on how to tolerate long and rough walks, and also remember to consider aspects such as inclines and weights considering that you will be carrying a hiking gear. Another important factor is to take a general health-check-up prior to yoy safari as you wouldn’t want to deal with sudden illnesses mid-way your hiking. On the other hand, mental preparation involves talk to some people who taken this adventure before, or if it is quite impossible, you can read various literature talking about the past experiences of those who have got the opportunity to participate in this adventure so that you can have an account of some of the challenges they faced. Keep in mind that trekking can  at times push you to the very limit, and it is this that will make the adventure enjoyable as well as thrilling – provided that you don’t exceed your limit. Taking good care f your body as well as mental conscience as you set out hiking will guarantee that you definitely have a magical experience worth the adventure.
If you are thinking about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro then there are many aspects that you need to understand to help you with your preparation; one of the first things that you may wish to consider is the time of year that you wish to go.

tour kilimanjaroThe importance of avoiding the wet rainy season is that you will be able to rise to drier and clear morning which will give you an opportunity to marvel at the breath-taking sunrise on your summit-night. Through the dry season, the mountain has generally warm temperatures with an average of 30 degrees Celsius particularly in the areas covered by the rainforests which are at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. However at the summit of the mountain on the Uhuru Peak the temperatures at times drop as low as negative 25 degrees.

As you head to the peak, you will hike through 5 climate-zones, beginning in the verdant rainforest all the way through up to the chilly conditions at the peak of the Kilimanjaro. even though no technical-equipment is essential to hike Kilimanjaro, we recommend that the clothing you carry with you should be carefully chosen so as to handle the largely varying temperatures and the four changing seasons you are likely to experience through the week.

The most excellent way to dress-up while setting out to challenge the Kilimanjaro is by packing thin-layered clothing which can when need arises added to because certainly the weather conditions will change as well as the temperatures drop lower. , a durable collection of waterproofs is also necessary to keep you dry in case of sudden rains and also to protect your equipment that will be  covered through the night. the elements out and protect you from sudden downpours and keep the wind out Once you choose the month you prefer to have your Kilimanjaro hike, the next important thing to do is to decide on which route you would like to use as you summit the mountain.

Mt Kilimanjaro Facts

Mount Kilimanjaro is termed as the root of Africa. The most exciting part of the trip is that no trekking experience is required although one must be able to withstand the effect of altitude as well as the physical climbing experience. Mount Kilimanjaro National Park trek volcano.

When to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

The best time for trekking is in the months of January, February and September. Other months which are a bit colder are July and August.

Marangu Route Mount Kilimanjaro Trek Tanzania

This is the most popular trekking safari route to Kilimanjaro’s snow summit. Probably because its the least expensive route but takes more days to get to the summit.., 8 days.

Machame Route Kilimanjaro Safari Tanzania

Machame Route  every now and then termed as the Whisky path. This is a celebrated track up steep paths through tremendous forests to gain a ridge leading finished the moorland zones to the Shira Plateau. It then traverses below the glaciated precipices of the Southern Icefields to meet the Barafu way to the peak elevation.

Umbwe Route, Climb Mt Kilimanjaro Adventure Mountaineering

Umbwe Route  The Umbwe route is one of the direct routes to the Southern Glaciers furthermore the Western Breach. It is maybe the most scenic, non-technical route on Kilimanjaro. It is relatively taxing, initially due to the reasonably fast ascent to higher altitude, but the rewards are plentiful. Very steep route best suited to more experienced trekkers

Lemosho Route Trail Kilimanjaro tours

This is the most foresightful and numerous far-flung route to Kilimanjaro. Following lovely forests and moorlands it crosses the Shira Plateau to link up wide awake with the Machame Route. Kinds may well be accompanied on the first day by an furnished ranger for the forests regarding the Lemosho Glades are rich in buffalo, elephant and variant game.kilimanjaro hemingway, Kilimanjaro darkjazz, backpacking in Kilimanjaro.

Rongai road Kilimanjaro Map

This far-flung furthermore less ceaselessly old road is the minute most well-fixed path to Kilimanjaro. The appearance to the mountain is from the less-forested north side and the descent is by the Marangu Route. There are several variations, the one detected is a longer route taking in Mawenzi Tarn.

Kilimanjaro Hike Tanzania Shira Path

Shira path  The Shira track, approaches Kilimanjaro’s convention relishes the west and crosses the caldera of Shira Volcano before headline under the southern ice fields of Kibo. The route is infrequently hand-me-down by assorted trekkers also hence your initial two days on the mountain are less crowded than on various different routes.

Most tourists who visit mount kilimanjaro usually combine the trekking with a visit to the primates of Uganda for a gorilla safari.

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