Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve errands

The Selous Game Reserve covers a very large area estimated to be the size of Belgium; this Park. Selous is the largest of all wildlife reserve in the entire worldcovering a total expanse estimated to be 54,600 square kilometers. The park named after Sir Fredrick Selous and England conservation back in 1922. Selous was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

safari selous TanzaniaIt has quite a lot to present to its visitors and even though it was not commonly visited in the previous years, over time the tourists that come to Tanzania have started to discovering the secrete of this park and how much it  has to offer those searching for an experience in the remote wilderness. The Selous Game Reserve was weighed down in later 1970’s as well as the 1980’s. During that era, the population of the resident Elephants dropped from 110,000 to perturbing 30,000 in just 20 years.

Within the northern part of this park are a number of luxury camps where you can be accommodated during your safari. This area is dominated by three major animal habitats and these include the riverine thickets inhabited by antelopes, elephants, crocodiles plus hippos, the open grassland inhabited by wildebeests, wild-dogs, zebras and lions, and the miombo woodlands on the edge of the mountain about Beho Beho which is a new camp that recently opened in the area plus Stieglers Gorge which are habitat to the Kudu as well as the Roosevelt’s sable. A big portion of the northern section of the Selous is reserved majorly for photographic-safaris.

The reserve safeguards a radiant African landscape in addition to the white shapes of the lead-woods that are positioned to distinguish the neighboring effervescence of succulent verdant vegetation and a changing palette of sandy-soil that replicate the atmosphere of the African sun on the clear waters resulting into a pictorial scenery.


In the past years the Rhinos were common here however they were severely poached until they died out. Fortunately, today efforts are on going to see to it that these numbers are restored. Lake Tagalala is among the major attractions here and it supports a variety of water birds and grassland birds. Another attraction worth checking out is the hot springs which is perfect for picnics and swimming.

South of River Rufiji are luxurious camps that cater for visitors that are set to enjoy sunset game safaris and cruisers on the beautiful river. On such safaris, you will enjoy sights of wallowing hippos plus crocodiles basking just on the shores of the river.

You can explore the somewhat trail-less southern part of River Rufiji, and see the astonishing network of the river’s tributaries as well as the oxbow lakes; it is such a wilderness encounter! Visitors must be entirely adequate to best adventure this section of the Selous. Remember that it is only the northern section of the park that is t developed to cater for tourist activity.

The Selous is today a much recommended area for tourists interested in enjoying genuine African experience. The camps in this place are luxurious even though they are somewhat expensive. Nevertheless, the extra cost is worth the experience you receive in this enjoyable African wilderness.

The seasons in the Selous:

Dry Season: The dry season begins in the month of June all through up to November and this is the finest time to enjoy game viewing all along the length of the rivers. During this time the elephants move out of the green bushes and that way you can easily the various predators as they look for their prey
Rainy Season:

The rainy season starts in the month of January until April and is a perfect time for bird watching as well as marveling at the verdant scenery although most of the roads are impassable following the heavy rains. From December until February you can enjoy game viewing except that it is somewhat hot and dry. Normally majority of the safari lodges are closed from the month of March until May.

What to do in the Selous

see the endangered Wild Dog, game viewing while on a boat ride, sights of numerous migrating elephants, Fishing, marvel at the vast wilderness and pleasure in walking safaris.

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