Serengeti Safari

Serengeti National park is among the most renowned park in the whole of Tanzania. Serengeti is a local word in the Masai language meaning “Endless Plains”. The Serengeti Park is approximated to cover an expanse of 15,000 sq km and was conserved primarily to preserve the trail of the magnificent annual wildebeest migration course. Several tourists from various parts of the world travel to Tanzania to visit this park so as to witness the thousands of wildebeest migrate annually.

safari in Serengeti TanzaniaThis annual migration comprises close to 2 million wild animals so watching them is quite an experience that for a lifetime will remain memorable. The animals that take part in this migration include a very big herd of wildebeests, gazelles, zebras and antelopes. These animals migrate into Serengeti National park every year as they look of fresh green pastures plus good water. The sound of innumerable thundering hooves of various wild animals is quite amazing and this great match produces enormous dust clouds that can be see a distance away in the sky. Expect to see the large carnivores hunting for food within these plains at very close distance. Among these animals are lions, cheetahs, hyenas and leopards.

Camping within the Serengeti plains is so far the best choice and yet the most affordable as you prepare for the spectacular wildlife migration in the whole of East Africa. You may decide to stay in Serengeti or in the Masai Mara found in Kenya. This is such a grand experience particularly to those that enjoy camping as well as outdoor activities. Choosing to spend your vacation in the Serengeti, with sounds of the thundering hooves echoing in the background right in the heart of Africa’s wilderness will certainly be the most reward yet memorable choice in your life. Other than this spectacular scenery, the only companion you will have there at that time will be joyfully singing birds, butterflies, insects, sounds of roaring lions as well as animal sounds that may seem unfamiliar especially to first time visitors. Because to the big number of tourists that visit Serengeti National Park, numerous lodges plus camps have today been established at different places to accommodate visitors especially during the annual wildebeest migration time. In addition, there are mobile camps found within the park. These camps are shifted to various locations in the park basing on the direction or trail of the migration across the plains of the Serengeti. Majority of the camping trips are escorted by an experienced cook plus a skilled tour guide.

There is a stunning lodge situated close to Lake Ndutu on the southeastern part of Serengeti park. This lodge was constructed using local materials and looks out into the lake. This is perfect place to have a clear view this great migration particularly through the calving time. The lodge is enclosed by diverse tree species which draw numerous birds. The trees also provide sufficient shade to different animals mainly on very hot days.

serengeti wildlife safariAnother camp worth mentioning is situated on the western part of Serengeti adjacent to Ngurumeti River. The green river-line-forest is habitat to the uncommon white & black colobus monkey which are endemic to this area in the entire park. This isolated part of the park is typified by hills, flood plains plus rivers which are a perfect dwelling to several wild animals.

Southeast of Serengeti National park, is another gorgeous lodge constructed on a hill! The lodge stands as the only existing tourism development made in this section of the park. While at this lodge, you can also clearly watch the great wildebeest migration. They also offer warm air balloon rides in the park which offer better opportunity to see the different animals staying in the park.

Tours in the Serengeti National park will comprise of sightsee in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The crater which was formed from a caldera is believed to be the Eighth Natural Wonder of the World. The Ngorongoro Crater has a diversity of vegetation as well as lakes which draw several wildlife species. The Masai people who have stayed peacefully in this area for several years with the wild-animals are today the only people permitted to graze.

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