Wilde Beest Migration Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania Discovery 8 Days Safari Itinerary



This Tanzania Discovery slated for 8 Days will journey you to the rural and wild areas in northern Tanzania as you enjoy this broadly private safari in Tanzania. The itinerary will allow you experience the grand wildebeest migration within the dramatic Serengeti with up-close sights of wildlife in the splendid Ngorongoro crater and trek through the Ngorongoro highland with the Masai natives. The safari blends accommodation at the luxurious tented camps with the permanent wilderness lodge. You will enjoy the safari in the comfort of a Toyota Land Cruiser/ Land Rovers TDI having roof hatches to offer you unobstructed game viewing plus an English speaking safari guide/driver.

DAY 1: Tanzania big cats safari


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On arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, or from a linking flight from Nairobi-Kenya, you will clear customs and them be received by  our delegate who will transfer you to KIA Lodge.  This luxurious lodge is situated adjacent to the airport and you will be accommodated in any of the forty bungalows well placed in the green gardens. You can enjoy a drink at the open bar to overlooks the great Mount Kilimanjaro. Spend the rest of the day at leisure unwinding by the pool side. Those that arrive late will be served with a late dinner-buffet.

Dinner and overnight at Kia Lodge: BB


DAY 2:  Safari to Sinya Nature Conservancy


After an early breakfast, you will be joined by our safari guide with whom you will set off with to Sinya which is a private one hundred and thirty eight thousand acre expanse lying on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro on which wildlife is conserved. The area offers one of the most remarkable natural sights of nature in northern Tanzania characterized by flood plains, a backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, hills and acacia woodland.  This Masai land is among the counted areas remaining in Africa where sights of large bull elephants of over 50 years of age with tusks of very large sizes can still be enjoyed.  A number of these bulls are permanently residing in this area while others are constantly migrating with their herds of mothers plus calves from the Amboseli National Park found in Kenya to Sinya as they search for food plus water.  Being familiar with the passing-by safari vehicles, they allow people to approach to even close distances, hence allowing better opportunities for taking photographs. Many of these have been observed in Amboseli by Cynthia Moss for over twenty five years and are part of the most well-balanced population of elephants on the African continent.


The Maasai people residing in Sinya up-to-date live the traditional lifestyle and trail all the ancient traditional ceremonies. They are quite friendly and very unfamiliar with the money-making relationship with visiting tourists which is not the case in other visited areas in the country. This land is leased-out from various local tribes; therefore your residing here assists in preserving this area not only for wildlife but also generates finances for schools plus other community needs. We shall have the opportunity to enjoy wildlife-walks, visit the market as well as the Maasai villages, and also participate in some of the local ceremonies in case there is a function at hand.


While in Sinya we shall spend 2 nights in a small luxurious tented camp – Kambi ya Tembo. Each one of the ten luxury thatch-roofed tents possesses an inside bathroom having a flush toilet plus a solar powered not to miss hot shower as well as a private verandah. The dining area, lounge plus bar are all housed in an impressive thatched-roofed structure offering breathtaking views of the neighboring terrain.


Some of the activities to enjoy while Kambi ya Tembo are game drives in luxurious 4×4 open safari vehicles, bird watching, walking safaris and night game-drives. Today as you drive to the camp you will enjoy the first views of game.


Following lunch you will have some time to get acquitted with the surrounding before setting out for a game drive and a guided walk to visit boma.  You will later return to freshen-up and then enjoy drinks by the camp fire plus dinner. Spend this first night in the “bush” , a night filled with echo sounds of the African wildlife.

Dine and slumber at Kambi ya Tembo


DAY 3: Safari to Sinya Nature Conservancy


Today following an early breakfast, you will set-out on a game-drive at sunrise through the conservancy. The early mornings sunrise with a sky whose cloud cover is rising from the icy Mount Kilimanjaro, offers breathtaking light shadows perfect for taking photographs of the magnificent mountain. In addition, visit one of the local Maasai’s compounds to take more photographs of their extended families and some of the specielities of their exceptional lifestyle. We shall return back to camp to enjoy lunch and unwind for some time before going on yet another game-drive and a nature walk guided by some Maasai trackers. In case it is a Tuesday, we shall also go to the Maasai market in which several  Maasai traders congregate some trekking several miles from far to bring their merchandize, cattle, fabric and goats,  among other items to trade. We shall spend this last evening in Sinya sipping at drinks and dinning by the camp fire as we celebrate the finish of this wonderful yet memorable day.


Dine and slumber at Kambi ya Tembo


DAY 4:  Safari to Arusha National Park


On having  breakfast we depart from Sinya and then drive to the stunning Arusha National Park which is one of the most stunning small parks on the African continent. It is located between the mountain slopes of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro and is among the hidden secretes within Tanzania a place where you will get the opportunity to marvel at uncommon black and white colobus monkeys living in Ngurdoto Forest. The park holds several alkaline lakes that attract big flocks of stunning flamingoes plus an array of bird species together with various wildlife including zebra, leopards, giraffe, hyenas, hippos, elephants, gazelles and warthogs. If lucky you may see the uncommon black rhino loitering about the area. Among the highlights of this game drive will be a short walk through the park to marvel at the expanse overlooking t impressive small Ngurdoto Crater which is an animal reserved area in which people are not permitted to descend into. As you watch from up the crater what will appear as small moving dots will actually be large buffaloes grazing on grass.


after a picnic lunch and game viewing we shall depart from the park and head to Kigongoni lodge which is not very far from the park. The gorgeous small lodge is situated on renowned coffee farm covering 70 acres adjacent to Arusha within the pristine forest. Standing at the hilltop with verdant gardens, this lodge provides magnificent sights of the great Mountains Kilimanjaro and Meru. Lying between the numerous trees are 14 cottages constructed in an African fashion using traditional materials, with numerous rooms, a restaurant plus a cocktail lounge each with fireplaces and furnished carefully to offer the visitors the utmost comfort and luxury while offering exceptional sights of the neighboring terrain. Dine and slumber at Kigongoni Lodge.


DAY 5:  Safari to Tarangire National Park


Today following breakfast drive to Tarangire National Park which is the third largest park in Tanzania.  It has a geological terrain with 9 different vegetation zones. The terrain is dotted with the very old Baobab trees and these offer shade to various animals in the park. The park is crossed by river Tarangire which attracts several animal species that come to drink on its waters and among these are elephant, leopard, zebra, antelopes, lion, buffalo and giraffe. Through the dry season several elephants are seen within this area.


You will spend the following two nights at Tarangire River Camp which is a luxurious permanent tented camp located on the outskirts along the western rim of the park. It is located on a sixty thousand acre wildlife-concession reserved by the resident Maasai members. The eighteen thatch-roofs tents or pitched on wooden platforms on a high crest looking over Tarangire River. These tents contain showers, electricity, bathrooms plus a private verandah that overlooks the beautiful river. While at this camp you can enjoy sights of Mt Meru, Oldonyo Lengai, the Great Rift Valley and Ngorongoro. The main building of the camp is shaded by a very large Baobab tree. The building holds a library, cocktail bar, main lounge, dining plus views into the Maasai plains which are densely forested. Activities here include game viewing in the park, plus walks led by Maasai guides as well as village visits.


Following lunch spend some time off unwinding before leaving for an afternoon game-drive or a walk in the park.

You will later return to freshen-up and then enjoy drinks and dinner by the camp fire. Dine and slumber at Tarangire River Camp


DAY 6: Safari to  Lake Manyara National Park


Today morning, following an early hefty breakfast, we depart from Tarangire and then drive across the spectacular Great Rift Valley all the way to Lake Manyara National Park. Although this park occupies just 205 square miles it is a very fascinating park prominent for its outstanding beauty and extremely green  acacia forest with giant figs plus mahogany trees, and these are habitat to large numbers of baboons as well as blue monkeys. Lake Manyara National Park is also habitat to an outstanding number of impalas, buffaloes, giraffes, hippos, elephants, which normally gather by its water Pool to drink the waters. In addition the park is well-known for its prolific birdlife that include more than 400 species, and it is in Lake Manyara that you will get the great opportunity to marvel at the amusing Ground Hornbill plus the Crested Eagle.


After hours in the impressive park, we shall proceed to the Ngorongoro Highlands, going through numerous small villages and farms as we close in to the gorgeous Gibb’s Farm. Previously an operational coffee plantation, this farm is located up on the hill-slopes with wonderful view of the neighboring hills. The cottages, located among the green gardens, draw numerous birds. Gibb’s is recognized for its magnificent food and most of it is got from the 10 acre organic-garden. Following lunch, spend the day at leisure unwinding or enjoy a walk to the close-by elephant caves.

Dine and slumber at the luxurious Gibb’s Farm lodge


DAY 7:  Safari to Ngorongoro Crater


Today we depart from Gibb’s Farm, go past the crater highlands all the way to the “8th natural wonder of the world”; the Ngorongoro Crater. You will have your first view of the spectacular crater with a photo stop on the crater rim. Standing at over 2000ft depth and a diameter of 12 miles, the crater is a nearly “Noah’s Ark”!  Populated with almost every wildlife species indigenous to the whole of East Africa among which is the uncommon black rhino. It holds a river, numerous swamps, a forest, a soda lake that attracts numerous flamingoes plus open plains. The huge bull elephants that live here have enormously large tusk, owing to the well-to-do mineral content found in the volcanic soil and grasses.


Moving down into the crater’s floor we shall enjoy wildlife viewing and also have a picnic lunch and later more wildlife-viewing. Drive up along the steep road to Ngorongoro Serena Lodge. The dramatically structured Lodge is located on the side of edge of the crater. On checking in, we will spend some time freshening up and also get acquainted with this area prior to having dinner in the striking dining area.

Dine and slumber at Ngorongoro Serena Lodge


DAY 8: Safari to Serengeti National Park


Today we head to the renowned Serengeti National Park, which hosts the “great migration”. We shall have a spectacular drive as we across the stunning crater highlands. As we summit the hillside, before us to beyond where our eyes can see, are the large Serengeti plains. Serengeti is a local Kiswahili word referring to “endless plains” and covers an expanse of 6,900 square miles inhabited by over two million large mammals among which are thousands and thousands of wildebeest, thousands of zebras plus Thomson’s gazelles. Among the big predators are lions, hyenas plus cheetahs which are attracted to the park by the abundance of a variety of prey that migrates across the park. Among the smaller animals are jackals, rock hyrax, mongoose, African hare bat eared foxes, baboon honey badger and monkeys, together with over  500 bird species.


On our way to Serengeti National Park, we will stop by the well-known “Oldvai Gorge”, where Dr. Louis together with Mary Leakey discovered the remnants of early man. After a briefing about the archeological findings and the geology of this gorge, we will tour the not very big museum and later continue to our camp where we shall spend the following 3 nights beneath canvas.


While in the Serengeti we shall reside at Simiyu. This is a luxurious seasonal tented-camp that is moved now and again basing on the movement of the annual migratory herds that cross the Serengeti plains. The camp consists of eight big luxury tents, 2 of which contain king-sized beds while the 6 have twin beds.  Each of the tents has an inside bathroom a flush toilet, hot showers plus a sink and also a 12v solar-power used for lighting. Scrumptious meals are served outside beneath a star lit sky or at times in the dining-tent. The camp possesses a Long-Distance Radio that covers the whole of the East Africa area. It also has a Satellite Phone.


After lunch, we will have an afternoon game-drive through the Serengeti. Later return to freshen-up at the camp and unwind or sip at drinks by the campfire prior  to dinner.

Dine and slumber at Simiyu Luxury Seasonal Camp


DAY 9:  Safari to Serengeti National Park


While in the Serengeti, you will have the option of deciding how you wish to spend your day with your safari. Most of the mornings you will have to rise early for an early cup of coffee / tea before setting out for a morning game-drive in the early morning. These early mornings are quite magical within the Serengeti as the animals are just rising up to start their day. After the game drive, back at camp you will enjoy a warm breakfast, and you can always go back to the wild to enjoy more wildlife viewing and return for lunch or even have a picnic lunch such that you can have an entire day of wildlife viewing. Off road, through the vast Serengeti plains, you will see Kopjes which are huge boulder islands, projecting through the grass. These kopjes were actually formed as a result of volcanic activity and do offer shelter to a variety of flora and fauna, including the hard to pin down leopard to the small dik dik. At the end of the day’s activities we shall drive back to our camp unwind by the campfire and later dine. Dine and slumber at Simiyu Luxury Seasonal Camp


DAY 8:  Safari to Arusha


Today following breakfast we will drive to the airstrip, and there you will bid fare-well to your safari-guide and leave on the 11:00am flight to Kilimanjaro Airport where you will arrive at noon. On arrival you will then be transferred to KIA lodge, where you get the opportunity to use the dayroom until time for your departure flight.

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