Selous Walking Tour Tanzania

4 Days selous walking Safari

Walking safaris are normally done around the located beneath high shady trees adjacent to one of the numerous lagoons next to River Rufiji. The Selous is a thrilling destination and while sitting in-front of your safari-tent you will be able to observe the infinite bird procession plus wild animals all through the day. These camps are not big and normally comprise of about 6 tents. A number of them are completed using mosquito netting offering you an opportunity to sleep directly beneath the African skies.

The tents are spacious enough for one to stand-in and also contain proper beds plus mattresses. Compared to the camping standards, it is quite comfortable however remember that you are in Africa’s wilderness so this requires being prepared for somewhat rough occurrences.

You will be provided with hot water for your bucket showers band the meals will be prepared on an open fire by well trained chefs.

Another factor that has attracted people to the Selous is that this enormous reserve has large populations of animals as well as a low number of tourists and yet it is perhaps one of the finest destination  in Tanzania you can see wild  animals.

Tanzania does However, walking safaris are not allowed in its National Parks by the Tanzania authority with just 1 or 2 exceptions. Nonetheless, the Selous is categorized as a Game Reserve so walking-safaris are permitted.

The walks are normally 3 to 4 hours and the river plus lake systems attract a large number of various animals among which are lions, crocodiles, leopards, hippos, elephant and buffaloes. The region is also habitat to one of the very few existing wild-dog populations remaining in the entire world. There are actually over 300 bird species here, making this a perfect destination for animal enthusiast people.

Today the buffalo population is approximated to be more than 110,000. Fortunately, waking up in the early morning, you can see large herds of buffaloes gathering to drink water fron River Rufiji not far from the camping area. This is among the many reasons why you should include the Selous to your safari-destinations in Tanzania. Buffalo are known to be very bad tempered and hazardous to humans. However, this brutal reputation is a somewhat unjust because similar to most wild-animals they tend to keep away from humans, unless they are harassed or injured.

The most excellent time to reserve a walking-safari within the Selous is starting June up to September as the weather during that time is dry and humid and the animals are being attracted to being attracted to River Rufiji as the source of water. During this time, the animals graze sparingly hence making game viewing much simpler as large numbers of animals are seen moving about the terrain.

For those more interested in bard watching,, the best time to visit the Game Reserve is during the hotter and more leafy season that starts in October up to March as several of the bird are hatching young ones. Understand that starting November up to January there high chances of rain.

Selous Game Reserve is situated south West of the city of Dar es Salaam, and is among the biggest areas reserved for wildlife in the entire world, covering an expanse of 54,000 Square Kilometers. The perfect area to do photography within the Reserve is around the stunning River Rufiji, as it comprises of a wide diversity of dissimilar ecosystems among which are the lakes, the wide winding river, swamplands connected by countless channels, terminalia forests plus wide open plains. These serve as habitats to one of the largest wildlife population in Africa. presents you with the finest experience within the Selous with 2 types of thrilling walking safaris.


Selous is Africa’s biggest game reserve and covers an area approximated to Switzerland’s size, making it perhaps the great wilderness in Africa. Regardless of its large size, this UNESCO World Heritage site comprises of just a few top-notch safari camps, enabling it to preserve a less-impact on the park’s eco-systems an exceptionality granted by very few parks across the country.

Chance to enjoy boat tours, foot safaris, game walks plus the model 4WD game-safari in open tour vehicles append a further exceptional aspect to the safaris taken in the Selous and also ensure its status for untainted bush-adventures remains faultless.

Selous remains exceptional among the chief safari destinations in Africa in providing a wider variety of safaris other-than the usual safaris in 4WD vehicles. Boat explorations on River Rufiji are also a wild adventurous experience cruising in the midst of hippopotami, crocodiles plus a variety of water bird species, as well as having a closer with the wildlife as they drinks from the river banks.

In addition, game walks in the company of armed rangers plus a guide offer you an opportunity to have a closer viewpoint of the wild animals that converge along the river banks.


Arrive, Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)

On arrival you will be received and relocated to Dar Es Salaam into Sleep Inn hotel for Dinner and the night.

Day 1: Dar es Salaam – Selous

Following breakfast, depart from Dar Es Salaam and drive to selous, where you will arrive in time for lunch at Ndovu Lodge. On having lunch, there will be an optional Boat Safari and later dine and slumber at Ndovu Lodge. FB

Day 2: Selous Game Reserve

On having breakfast, drive into the park to have a Game drive, At 1:00pm head to Tagalala campsite, where your camp will be pitched and then you have lunch. Following lunch, enjoy a game drive in the late afternoon, after which you will drive back to the campsite to have dinner and slumber at Tagalala campsite. FB

DAY 3: Selous Game Reserve (Walking)

After breakfast, pconinue to Mtemere Game Post located within the Selous, where you will begin hiking with help of the game rangers within the Selous. At noon, you will drive back to the campsite to have lunch. Following lunch enjoy another walking safari for two hours to the hot spring wher you can have a swim before returning to the Ndovu lodge. There is also an optional cultural tour in Mloka Village. Dine and slumber at Ndovu Lodge. FB

Day 4: Selous – Dar es Salaam

Following breakfast head back to Dar es Salaam to catch your return flight home or proceed with further activities.


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