Tanzania Safari Packages


Safari to Ngorongoro , 3 days Trip Tanzania

Selous Safari, 3 days in Tanzania

Tarangire Safari 3 days in Tanzania

3 Days, Ngorongoro and Manyara Tanzania Safari Trip

3 Day Tour to Tarangire and Ngorongoro

4 Day Trip To Tanzania, Ngorongoro, Tarangire and Lake Manyara Wildlife

4 Day Ngorongoro, Serengeti & Lake Manyara Safari

Ngorongoro, Tarangire 4 days

5 Days Safari in Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater

Serengeti and Ngorongoro Safari Holiday 6 days

Wildlife Game Viewing and Sightseeing in Tanzania 6 Day Tanzania Safari

Nature Sightseeing and Wildlife Holiday in Tanzania,
6 Day Tanzania Northern Circuit Safari

Tanzania Wildlife Holiday,
Serengeti,Tarangire and Ngorongoro Crater 7 Days Safari Itinerary

Best Wildlife Tour in Tanzania,
Serengeti, Tarangire and Ngorongoro Crater 8 Days Safari Itinerary

7 days Tanzania Wildlife Safari

Tanzania Safari Deals,
8 Day Tanzania Northern Circuit Safari

Tanzania Safari Package,
10 Day Tour, Serengeti Wildebeest Migration

Kenya and Tanzania Safari, Best of Africa Wildlife Safari Holiday.,
12 Day Best of East Africa Safari

Tanzania Chimpanzee Safari, Chimp Trekking in Mahale 4 days

Tanzania Walking Safari,
5 Days Mikumi Udzugwa walking safari

Tanzania Guided Safari 8 Days 7 Nights

Tanzania Family Holiday Safari 7 days

8 days Tanzania and Zanzibar Wildlife Safari

Tanzania Honeymoon Safari & Zanzibar Beach Combination (11 Day/10 Nights)

Tanzania Romantic Luxury Honeymoon Safari & Zanzibar (12 Days / 11 Nights)

Combine Kilimanjaro & Serengeti Safari 12 Days

Wilde Beest Migration Safari in Tanzania,
Tanzania Discovery 8 Days Safari Itinerary


Talk about Tanzania safaris among circles that go for safaris and those that assume to know a lot will tell you about the ‘Ngorongoro Crater ‘ plus the ‘Serengeti’ being the finest wildlife sanctuary that  shouldn’t  be missed by visitors.
However persons that in reality know about this country well will certainly tell you of much betters wonders experienced in Tanzania Safari done in the less visited parks in the southern part of Tanzania. The area has a number of National Parks among which are Ruaha, Katavi as well as Mahale in which you can unveil the true African dream! The area is very pristine with trails that are not crowded with vehicles and in reality it is a common occurrence that you may not see any other people during your safari; it is a paradise of Africa’s wilderness.
On your Tanzania Safari choose to explore the Selous Game Reserve and there you will be marveled by the vastness as well as the spectacular landscapes congested with a variety of wildlife that dwell in the different habitats. Today, the Selous remains the biggest of Africa’s game reserves. It is actually approximated to four times the totals of Serengeti and is larger than Switzerland in addition to being two times Belgium’s size.
This is the chance to visit these unspoiled and empty areas which African Legends Safaris offers you. Our panel will assist you design customized adventures in  the southern as well as the western parts of Tanzania, giving you an opportunity to stay in the very isolated and private parts of the parks which are rich with wildlife. You can also trek the chimpanzees, enjoy a walking-safari along paths that have not been trod by people before, take a swim in the hot-springs, and for those doing a camping safari, you will enjoy a night out under a star-lit sky with distant sounds of wildlife in the distant bushes.
Although we organize lodge accommodation for people on a Tanzania Safari, we consider that the best way to experience this Tanzanian wilderness is to get right in the middle of it. We will organize you a modest and very relaxed private-camp in the fashion of the long-ago explorers, such that you also have an experience of the best camping safari. The tents we provide are very spacious, with inside facilities plus warm-water showers. An expert cook will prepare your food using the traditional Tanzania methods while the drinks provided will be chilled. Whatever your need will be, we shall well cater for it.
African Legends will gladly organize for you this wild, exclusive and magnificent adventure in this wonderful wilderness in Southern Tanzania.

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