What to Wear on Safari to Africa Tanzania, Carry and Lugagge and Safari Clothing

African clothings.
what to wear on safariShort and long sleeved shirt are best for game drives (You have an option to roll up or down with long sleeved). A warm fleece may be needed in times of cold especially in the morning and evening.
Some people prefer trousers, but shorts and long sleeved shirts are usually used during walks.
You may not need heavy July boots unless when you are climbing a mountain but they are comfortable and in light weight gouxex boots to support work well.

Colours: Naturals and Khaki’s will be perfect. However, bright colours are not recommended on any Safari Contact Active travel apparel for clothes choice. Also visit Let’s Walk, for walking clothes, bags and backpacks for wide range of walking wears. Khaki clothing safari wear

Take a number of sun screen/black and hats since you are indirect sunlight because vehicles are either open-sided or completely open hatches.
In the morning the sun is not so strong and temperatures quite pleasant and you can get rid of the sun.

Note: Most camps have excellent laundry services (same day). So you need not to take many clothes.
Came  along with the beach wear for Muhale or Zanzibar and camps having swimming pools. If you are going for long journeys, we recommend you to bring a small walk man to listen to music.
Safari Jackets

What to Carry on an African Safari. Packing Tips

These are among the important aspects on your safari. Try to come with a pair and you advised you to bring the best you can afford.
When buying binoculars, try out the different types and avoid anything small and gadgets like small. Safari tours, travel and travelling adventures, Tanzania Safaritrips African Vacation. The best quality are the roof prism binoculars (Leica 8×32 my personal choice) with inbuilt mechanism video.

For changing batteries, its done at the camp. Electricity is 220V AC and you need type 3 UK pin plug.

Give the Guide or Park Manager to charge for you. As a back up, you can as well bring a vehicle cigarette lighter charger (12v) or come with a number of batteries for spare when other are used. Others are on charger.

Baggage. This is a light air craft. It carries 15kg per person (32lbs). This must be parked not in hard suitcases, but soft small bags. So it becomes better to have 2 small bags than on big suitcase.

A question may arise. What type and for what reasons should we take a particular binoculars?
The answer definitely is that you should have the binoculars. You should purchase the best quality pair for each person you can afford.
So this is nothing to laugh about. You should get the best out of your safari and not every animal will be far away and you will be more pleased when you see that the elephant’s eye is just 20 yards away and with a naked eye, you may fail to notice the small cracks, creases and little hairs on the elephant. So with the Binoculars, you will have a very clear close look of game.

Bells and whistles.
Unless its extremely of good quality, all shorts of gimmicks should be avoided first like stabilizers ad zooms since it might distract the quality of the optics. Never rely on little and portable things because here size matters a lot chances may be that they can used for a short distance since they are also small.

The most important thing is, have a pair which you are comfortable with and try out the different pairs (more with a number of pairs but not more).

How powerful they should be?
Magnification takes almost a half on the quality of a binoculars and the may be for filed view. The equation here may be filed of view divide by magnification equals atleast 4.
The combination of magnification and filed of view shows the powerfulness of the binoculars.

Example filed of view (42) x (4) magnification: Divide 42 by 8 equals 5.25.
(Light gathering ability). In simple terms, the bigger this number gets, the less light it gets and vice-versa.

Some Good sizes of Binoculars.
7 x 50
8 x 32
8 x 42
10 x 50

What makes it good?
It depends on your choice, but there are very good binoculars of different types. However, in my own feeling I choose the Leica to be the best. I have used them for a number of years bit I have not found a better pair yet. Other good ones include zeiss, optocron, Bausch, Lomb Bushnell and Swarovsky. Its worthy to visit some real experts at this stage or visit their websites.

Visit focal point optics for more advise on which binoculars suites you better from the rest of them. This is a highly specialized family business, giving advise to wide range of Binoculars to its customers.

Another centre is Bristol Camera. This group stocks a variety of binoculars and give advise to customers on which pair suits them properly.


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