Zanzibar Holidays

Zanzibar today is somewhat a new tourist destination in African, however regarding lodging and accommodation it is certainly has a variety that it boasts of among which are hotels plus lodges that offer good quality service and can only be found in this place. The island is ideal for sole travelers plus family vacations. Zanzibar is definitely the finest place to have your vacation.

tour ZanzibarThe residents of this country are a pride in a variety of cultures comprised of modern as well as cultural norms. The largest ethnic group is the Hadimadu however the Sunni Muslim-Zanzibaris in the country are Hindus whereas a smaller percentage of them are Christians.  Even though there are various different cultures plus ethnic groups in the Tanzania, its exceptional blend complements the rich Zanzibari culture. The culture’s well-known festivals are very lively and not only display fun but the heritage of these people.

When you’re thinking of visiting any of Africa’s destinations but not sure of which place to visit, it recommended that you opt for a fanatical and reliable tourism company or a tour guide to help you with these choices. Not everybody has the lavishness of spare time to enjoy some weeks on the island. But if you are one of such vacation-seekers, it is good to benefit from the services of a tour-guide, and actually here you will need their help since Zanzibar has numerous gorgeous places to tour and attractions that you can enjoy in addition to its pristine heritage as well as culture.

Among the best tourist destinations to experience would be spending your vacation by the coastal shores. Zanzibar is easily outstanding because of its very clear waters plus beautiful beaches particularly if you access the island using a ferry. You will be able to enjoy the marine life along this coast especially if you further sail to the more remote places on the island like Mangapwani, whose setting is more peaceful.

The island boasts of its three forest reserves which include the Jozani forest reserve, the Kiwenga forest reserve and the Ngezi forest reserve, as well as animals and plants that form a great array of wildlife biodiversity.

Zanzibar is truthfully the tourist’s dreamy paradise that will offer you an opportunity to explore the Indian Ocean. From vivacious festivals to the exceptional cultural heritage, plus the natural environment, you will surely find something for everybody to do regardless of their age.
Some of the activities you will enjoy while in Zanzibar include


Snorkeling on Zanzibar is very wonderful, especially on the reef’s immediately off Mnemba Island; here the coral reefs are well preserved, there are large numbers of tropical fishes here which range from the clown fish, to the trumpet fish! Snorkeling doesn’t require   any prior training unlike diving so it can be enjoyed by any one.

Kite surfing

It’s incredible blend of great winds, warm waters and waves as you enjoy the wonderful sights of the beautiful terrain. There are some kite surfing schools for those who would love to take surfing lessons.

Para sailing

Recently parasailing started on the Northern part of zanzibar in Nungwi. It includes a parachute connected to a boat, from which you are carried into the air as the speed-boat speedily sails.

Big game fishing

Those enthusiastic about  fishing, can better their chances by trying out the waters of the great Indian Ocean, which support a variety of fish species and if lucky you can even hook marlin, king fish or tuna. You can board a big boat out to the vast sea to enjoy this adventure, additionally hire a captain who is knowledgeable about the finest places where you can make the catch of the fish species you are most interested in.


Zanzibar prides in the variety of perfect diving sites, as well as a wide diversity of PADI accepted by diving schools from which you can make your selection. Be it a learner or experienced diver, or those just interested in exploring the marine life of the Indian ocean this will be a very memorable experience.

Wind surfing

just about the same locations where kite surfing is conducted,  you will have an alternative of enjoying wind surfing which great sport comprises of a blend of good waves plus adequate wind.

Sea kayaking

Extremely pleasurable sport is Sea kayaking. However special consideration should be forcused on the times at the time before you actually set-out into the waters. This is very vital specifically for safety reasons.

So as you plan a holiday on the African continent, Zanzibar is another African paradise worth adventuring as it not only offers numerous miles of white-sandy beaches interrupted by crystal clear waters to enjoy but also offers a variety of water sport activities and not to forget is the wonderful accommodation comprised of luxury hotels plus lodges that will surely offer you all the luxury and comfort you need.

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